October '20 Archive

Date: 25 October 2020

Lovely Sunday Runs

New Members Welcome to some new members that have joined recently Leighanna Chappell Nick Roper Ben Thomas Dominic Berry Hope to see you on our Cub nig... Read More

Date: 18 October 2020

A Day in Dorset

Lego From Matt:  Mark Pike, Bungy Williams himself, Luke Hicks, Steve Lye , Anita Farquhar Rufus ,Tina Beard , Dave Tilsley ... Read More

Date: 11 October 2020

It's Another Virtual Weekend

Matt Get to John 0 Groats  Ladles and Jellyspoons, unacustard as I am to public speaking...Yay! I've finished LeJog version #1. What a great idea and I'm not sure wha... Read More

Date: 04 October 2020

Marathon Day Marathon

The Virtual London Marathon    Photographs   Well after all the disappointment of the cancellation twice the Virtual VMLM took place today. From Lindsay:&nb... Read More
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