Date: 27 November 2022

Another Great Awards Night

Awards Night.     The Award Results Well as our Club Year comes to an end we had yet another Great Awards Night, as always it is the team behind the scenes that make it hap... Read More

Date: 12 November 2022

We Will Remember

Castle Drogo 10 From Ali:  Castle Drogo 10 miles of hills and steep descents. Across the river twice and start and finish at the castle. Lovely grounds for a walk. Stop for Sunda... Read More

Date: 06 November 2022

A Day out in Cornwall

The Awards Night Time is running out so please book. Fri 11th is cut off. The Awards Night on the 25th Nov is now op... Read More

Date: 30 October 2022

Yes I didn't Get a Place

Dublin Marathon Well done to Mark who ran the Dublin Marathon today in 3:27, the winning time was 2:11.  Grand Canal CanterHalf Marathon From June:  Sue and... Read More

Date: 22 October 2022

Weymouth for Breakfast

Weymouth 10.         Results         Pictures From Matt:  5:30 and it's lashing down. Lightning is amazing. 7:15 still raining a lot... Read More

Date: 16 October 2022

A Day in Cornwall

Eden Project Marathon With a 6 am start Mark paired my phone and we played some Ed as we made our way to Cornwall. The Race started with Sunshine as the Marathon started at 09:35 with ... Read More

Date: 09 October 2022

The Royal Wedding

The Awards Night Please book if you are coming as soon as you can, we only have about 25 sign up sp far. Thanks The Royal Wedding From all the Club a big congratulations to M... Read More

Date: 01 October 2022

A Trip to the Smoke

Awards Night Please can you book up as we have not got many that have. Thanks Cardiff Half From Eleanor:  After a 5:30 wake up call in the dark and getting ready quietl... Read More

Date: 25 September 2022

Marathon Week Starts Here

YTRRC to the rescue From Dave:  Whilst walking through Nether Compton today, we were asked by a man in a car if we had seen a Golden Retriever, as his had escaped. Sadly we hadn... Read More

Date: 16 September 2022

The Last 5k

Awards Night.       To Book Click Here The Awards Night on the 25th Nov is now open for bookings. To book do the following: 1. Log onto the Website, if you are pay... Read More

Date: 10 September 2022

God Save the Queen

Wells Festival of Running We had four runners at this event, I am waiting for Matt's literature review of the Race that will be added below. From Matt:  ... Read More

Date: 30 August 2022

Don't Forget to Vote

Sunday Runs From Ashley:  Longest training run in the bag, and it wasn't all that bad. Thanks to the gang for their company and helping me get round (Tim, Helen, Lesley, Paul... Read More

Date: 28 August 2022

Sunday Morning Run in Durban

Comrades 22 Down Year Comrades Marathon has been running since 1919 and as of yet I do not know why they call in a Marathon but they do, it is over 56 miles. There are two routes ... Read More

Date: 19 August 2022

Park Run by YTRRC

A Day out at Weymouth Today I was down in Swanage to jump on a coach to take the Walkers/Runners to Weymounth and then run the 32 miles back to Swanage. The costal path is brutal ... Read More

Date: 14 August 2022

Another Hot One

Summer 5k Race Two Thanks again to all the Club members that helped out, although numbers were down this was mainly the heat and the fact it is Holiday season. It was great to see... Read More
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