Midnight in Martock

Midnight in Martock

Midnight Sun Marathon

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Seven Club members decided to travel to Tromso in Norway to take part in the most Northern Road Marathon and Half in the world and one of the top ten most wanted to do marathons. 5 of us met at Denise’s House at 1:50 am waiting for the minibus to turn up for the 2 am leave, at 2:15 no bus so after a frantic few minutes trying to contact the Company we were told he was on his way. Looking at the email I sent back in March I had booked it for the 15th and not the 14th. Anyway, it turned up and then up to RNAS Yeovilton to pick up Kev and Lynne.

We made great time and still managed to get to LHR by 5 am with plenty of time to spare. We finally got to our Hotel around 3 pm and then looked for some lunch. We found a Pizza place that was £12 all you can eat. We then went back to the hotel and had a few drinks (duty-free wine), drinking away you just think its only about 7 pm as its nice and light and then you look at your watch to see that its nearly midnight, very strange.

Friday was a trip up the mountain on the cable car for some stunning views of Tromso. Richard and Tim decided to run up. It was very windy at the top and then the rain started. This trip included a walk over the bridge.

Then it was off to the expo to pick up T-Shirts and Race numbers then in the evening we went to the Pasta Party at £33 each, it was good though and we somehow had our wine and Bailey’s with us. We then went back to the hotel and carried on drinking. We were then told off as it is against the law to drink your own drink, so we brought some of the hotels to keep them happy.


Race day was Saturday with a 8:30pm start for the Marathon and 10:30 for the Half. Kev and I were at the front ready for the start to get in the pictures with the ringers who were going to win for the £1500 prize money. Sadly the weather was crap, cloudy start and then got worse. The route took you over the bridge with two out and backs and then back over the bridge at about the halfway point and then up to the Airport for the worse part of the course, windy and raining. The good thing about the out and backs is you get to see the other runners and can give abuse to Club mates. The half runners were soon sprinting pass us with some very fast runners. Kev was going strong as I saw him on his way back and also Tim and Richard. Lynne and Anita were going good as well. Kev crossed the line first for the Club and made his way back to the Hotel for a shower, he saw me running down towards the finish and gave some lovely abuse and then as I made my way back to the Hotel Tim and Richard were heading for the line 12 seconds apart. Richard managed to beat Steph’s Yeovil Marathon time for his first Road Marathon. After a shower we went back to the finish to see Denise cross the line in the Half and then Anita and Lynne came in smiling as they always do. With us all in it was back to the Hotel and more Duty-Free, at 3 am we were then told it was also against the law to drink after 3 am in a public room in the hotel so it was to one of the rooms to carry on. the 20-year-old girl on the reception gave us a right telling off.

We did the "where do you read yours" at the start, let's hope they publish it.

Sunday was a chill day and we went to the Prizegiving, optimistic I know but you never know, there may have been a team prize from Yeovil.... That night it was out for our last meal and then to finish off the Duty-Free and yet another telling off by the lovely Reception lady, I mean girl. We are hoping she will come to the Awards night.

All in all it was a great few days with great company and some great laughs. Thanks to all that made this few days in the Arctic Circle a good one.


World Cup Marathon

Mike Pike completed the Enigma World Cup Marathon, 7 Laps around Caldecott Lake in Milton Keynes.

A very average 3.55 for me at today’s Word Up marathon in Milton Keynes, however, Steve Edwards manage to complete his 750th marathon under 3.30 with ease✊

World Record Holder 

Hope 24  

Full Results

Wow. What can i say? Hope 24 done and I feel amazing 🙂 Both Richard and I traveled down to Plympton, set the tents and club gazebo up in the events field. A threat of rain hanging over us and hoping for a clear start at 112 pm the following day. Not one to waste a free morning we popped down to the beautiful Plymvalley park run. Then we headed back to hope. The rain finally cleared and we all set off. Both my self and Richard running as soloists. My aim was to get at least 6 laps or 30 miles to class as an ultra and complete my set of distance hats. Very tough and challenging 55-mileloops. First ,3 laps went well but knees then started to hate me on the downs. A few night laps and the last one using all iIhad left at 5am. Then we decided that was it. Mission achieved. Job done. Nice to make it to Martock in time to see everyone running there 🙂

Not quite sunk in yet but I’m chuffed as. Looking forward to a long soak and a glass to celebrate.

Martock 10k

Martock 10k results 2018     Photographs

Martock 10k.Brilliant running today was to see Yeovil Town RRC bag an impressive number of PBs including Linda Membury Alan Smith Claire Shucksmith Tim Willis along with Dorothy winning her age Group ... sorry if other PBs not included... Graham Still paced Claire around to dip under the hour ( subject to results) and Katie Brooks even turned up to support her Club mates following Hope 24 .. she's an Ultra Runner now 👍.. well done everyone with Tim Willis being first Yeovil Male and Magdalena first Yeovil lady.

102 250 Magdalena Kusmierczyk 30-39 Yeovil Town RRC 10:49:52 00:49:47

103 448 Tim Willis 50-59 Yeovil Town RRC 10:50:13 00:50:08

112 288 Linda Membury 40-49 Yeovil Town RRC 10:51:11 00:51:07

115 452 Aubrey Wood 50-59 Yeovil Town RRC 10:51:26 00:51:21

129 383 Alan Smith 40-49 Yeovil Town RRC 10:52:18 00:52:14

134 3 Martin Alderman 50-59 Yeovil Town RRC 10:52:51 00:52:46

178 8 Sophie Aplin 40-49 Yeovil Town RRC 10:54:39 00:54:35

215 412 Gareth Thomas 70+ Yeovil Town RRC 10:57:26 00:57:22

219 218 Katrina Hurford 50-59 Yeovil Town RRC 10:57:31 00:57:27

266 375 Claire Shucksmith 40-49 Yeovil Town RRC 11:00:07 01:00:02

291 277 Sharon Masters 40-49 Yeovil Town RRC 11:02:47 01:02:42

306 192 Nikki Harriss 40-49 Yeovil Town RRC 11:04:00 01:03:55

315 208 Richard Hooper 50-59 Yeovil Town RRC 11:04:40 01:04:36

345 411 Dorothy Thomas 70+ Yeovil Town RRC 11:08:11 01:08:06

347 464 Catherine Williams 20-29 Yeovil Town RRC 11:09:12 01:09:08

378 350 Natalie Robins 30-39 Yeovil Town RRC 11:16:45 01:16:40

395 111 Louise Dale 30-39 Yeovil Town RRC 11:30:00 01:29:56

Marks Runs

PUB RUN – STOFORD (14th June 2018)
J.C. led tonight’s Pub Run from Stoford. We ran a clockwise loop starting with Hooper’s Lane. We went off-road at the kennels on the corner. What followed was a fight through long grass and stinging nettles. We crossed wooden footbridge, passed a bonfire, and crossed the A37. In a straight line we crossed several fields with more nettles at the crossings, and reached the road. After photographs, we slogged up the hill and reached the junction near Gouse Slade farm. Turning left we ran towards the reservoir and turned right to run along Isles lane. The long rough track was shaded in places by woods. At Isles farm we turned right, climbed through the woods and ran across fields. Tracks and paths took us to East Coker. We ran the fields to Pavyotts farm. On the way we passed a herd of cows with one Black Bull. The Bull completely ignored us. We ran the lanes to the Red House and crossed the A37. The final leg took us through the houses of Barwick and back to Stoford. Thanks




Released On 19th Jun 2018

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