Yeovil Half 2019

Yeovil Half 2019

The 2019 Yeovil Half Marathon   Full Results        Photographs

On a cold Sunday morning, we had 78 Yeovil Town RRC runners that took part in this years Yeovil Half Marathon. We gathered at 8:30 for a Club Photo and then at 9:00 the Gun went and we were off. We had a few YTRRC members helping marshal on route for a friendly face and some photos. I would just like to thanks the runners that let say "Come on Yeovil" as I came up behind them, I thought Steph was the best as she knew I was coming but still jumped.

First over the line for the Club was Paul Card with a great time of 1:20 and our first lady was Jackie Casey in 1:40, well done both of you and to all the runners and helpers today.


The Chairman

Malcomb has been recruiting some new members for the Club:

Kids Cross Country 

From Adam: 

Yeovil Primary Schools Cross Country Race 6

This Wednesday 3rd April, Yeovil Recreation Ground/Mudford Rec.

Help between any time between 2.00pm and 5.00pm gratefully appreciated.

Also - Inter Area Primary Schools Cross Country - Yeovil Rec. Wednesday 24th April 3.00- 6.00pm.



Warsaw Half Marathon

While most of the Club were running around Yeovil Mags was in Warsaw for their Half. Well done and a great effort, not sure how you managed to get in the Club photo in Yeovil though?  

Marathon 99

Well done to JC who completed his 99th Marathon today and his 100th tomorrow.

Marathon 100

Congratulations to JC on completing his 100th Marathon today and joining the exclusive club that needs hard work and dedication to get there. Our Clun now has four with one other on the way and due to join in June. But today was JC's day and well done and sorry I couldn't be there.


Summer 5k and Easter Bunny

In a couple of weeks, we have this year first Club Race with the 1st Summer Series 5k, as per normal a lot of work has already been done to get this off to a good start and now we need your help on the day, please let Lindsay know if you can help out.

Thanks for your names so far for the Easter Bunny but still need a couple more. 

Park Runs

A few at Ninesprings on Saturday. 

We also had a few at Street.

Marks Runs

PUB RUN – SHERBORNE (28TH March 2019)
I had the pleasure of leading the main group tonight which started out as 10 but after a mile or so dropped off to 8, as Alison and June decided to do their own thing. After having taken paths to the town centre we ran up past the hospital, crossed the A30, and ran up the Bristol road. At the Pub we went off into the old quarry behind, and while it was still light ran up the track that is Quarr Lane. We steadily climbed the track which was pleasantly dry under foot. The track ends half way up Sandford Road. Turning left we then had a nice run down Sandford road heading back towards the town. This is a very atmospheric stretch with bare rounded hills on both sides. Reaching the houses we turned right and climbed a steep dark track. Crossing the Marston Road we ran along Sheeplands Lane into the new estate. Crossing both the A30, and Horsecastles lane we then ran off along the Bradford Road. Turning left down the track, we ran past Lenthay Dairy House. To my utter disgust we passed the wreck of a burn out car. This is supposed to be Dorset. Turning left, we ran back towards the town and climbed Honeycombe Rise. We ran back to the pub via Hunts Mead, a path, and upwards and downwards bits of Horsecastles. The route was 5.75 miles.

Released On 30th Mar 2019

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