Severn Bridge 10km

From Simon: Nikki and I wore the Yeovil vest with pride today in the Severn Bridge 10km run as a time trial rather than with a mass start. Inspired by glorious weather we both secured P.B's proving that you should never give up hope of improving. Nikki's time of 44.13 was a 4 second P.B whilst the old boy managed a 19 second improvement with 45.11. All the plaudits however should go to the race organisers who put on a fantastic event & this after they were forced to move race HQ from Wales to England with 7 days notice & get the course remeasured & certified within the week. Just shows what can be done when there is a determination to make something happen; it would have been so easy to cancel. 730 runners appreciated their efforts and that of all the Marshall's.

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Good Afternoon,

Hope you are all well and are looking forward to the long weekend.

The new club code for September is ZGUHJ6 , valid until 2nd October 2020.

Committee Meeting

We have the Club meeting this Wednesday on Zoom.

Trinidad and Tabago Independence Day 5 Miler

Thanks again to Kev for yet another challenge.

From Holli: Noooo! We’ve only just finished our run! 

From Libby Morton: Trinidad and Tabago Independence Day 5 Miler done - a nice change of scenery as well! Last run for the hat complete.

Happy Bank Holiday All

From Taryn Monks: 5m Trinidad & Tobago lockdown trail done.

From Mel Dodge: Kevin, Bungy  - Virtual 5 miler completed.

From Lesley: Thanks Kevin for another great challenge which Helen  & I completed this morning.

From Steve: Trinidad and Tobago Independence day club run. Cheers Kevin Doherty  for the motivation. Nothing left in my legs and last mile was a slog!

From June Moule: Trinidad & Tobago Independence Day 5 miler done


From Donna Reeves: 5 miler for Trinidad & Tobago virtual thank you Kevin and in my Yeovil shirt as now done all the races for my first mini slam hat thank you Lesley

From Terry Byrne: So a surprise entry Kevin , 2nd run into final comeback attempt after 6 week gap and 2.5 years since injury. 5 miles achieved, slow but very pleased. Staying patient.

From Marie Lockwood: Trinidad & Tobago virtual 5 Miler complete. Thank you Kevin. All the races for my mini slam hat now complete.

From Nicki Hale: Woohoo a 5 miler this morning means I qualify for the Trinidad and Tobago Independence Day run Kevin!

From Trevor Strelley: Trinidad & Tobago Independence Day 5 miler done

From Jeanette Vincent: Old age meant I did 6 miles for a 5 mile run as couldn’t remember

From Kevin Stenner:  Just finished Trinidad & Tobago Independence day 5 miler. Nice run tonight around Abbey Manor Park. Big thanks for the kick Kev.

From Me: 5 miles done and happy with the last mile at 6:44

Longest Run

From Gav Cheetham: Another Sunday, another longest run 20 miles. Happy with my pace, back ached for last 4 miles. Nice soak in the bath sorted that. Lovely roast dinner then a 20 minute nap on the sofa.

Slam Hats

Well done to everyone who has been running during the lockdown and strange times. The time is now getting extremely close to submit your races - real or virtual - to claim your 2020 Slam Hat. There are still a few possible races which are: 

10k - Battle of Sedgemoor - 30th August 

5 mile - Baltonsborough (Kevin Doherty is giving out 'medals' for this too) - 31st August

Half marathon - Bridgwater - 6th September

5k - Yeovilton - 9th September

5 mile - Ash - 13th September

The above can be run on a route of your choosing and can be run within 3 days of the date shown.

Also, I know and I am guessing some members will be running the London Virtual on 4th October. Provided you let me know that this is the case when you submit your other races/runs this will count towards your Grand/Ultra Slam Hat. 

Please submit your information as soon as possible, and by the 16th September at the very very latest as dependent upon the number of Hats claimed the Committee will then decide whether there is enough money in the bank to pay for them (due to no income this year) or whether a contribution from you will have to be made.

The link for submission of your information is:

Released On 31st Aug 2020

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