Thirteen Sleeps to Go

Thirteen Sleeps to Go

Secret Santa 

From Holli:  Everyone in the Secret Santa should now have details of their person. So... a recap.

1. Maximum value £5

2. Deliver by Christmas Eve with their name on, NOT YOURS!

3. Keep it quiet and avoid being seen!

Tip: if you don’t know them, do a bit of Facebook stalking!

Christmas Plymtrail Marathon

From Anita: Another early start with Lynne and Tara  to First and Last running, Christmas Plymtrail run. It was rather soggy and cold, but excellent organisation, marshals and friendly runners, as well as seeing the Santa Special en route.

End to End

From Graham: Ran the final 8.1 miles of the End to End run this morning. Been plagued with injuries since August, but fingers crossed on the road to recovery!!! Well done to everyone who has already completed this challenge!

Wales Costal Path

From Nat: Well that's a jump from a few weeks ago, well away from 300 miles it was only like yesterday I reached it . Great to see afew people out and about this morning. Remember to take face mask you never know when you need it

Spring Virtually 

From Kev: As we are half way through Autumn winter series of 6 events I thought it would be a good time to analyse your progress , planning and training heading towards 2021 with a Half Marathon and a somewhat random Marathon thrown in ...below are the next 3 events.

10th January Leon Trotsky exile Day 5 miler

14th February Valentine Day Half Marathon

14th March Einstein Birthday Marathon .

So we drop back to a manageable 5 miles, but we are 12 weeks out from your chance to complete 26.2 miles ( hopefully some of you will be entering actual events by then ). So be mindful of gradually getting your long run up in distance and weekly volume and allow for a little taper ( this info is to assist those new club members who may not have ran a Marathon ... but are not totally new to running ) also the Valentine Day Half Marathon will be special , it will be 2027 before you get the chance to do a Sunday Valentine Half Marathon ... and if you did 10 miles recently then 13.1 miles is certainly manageable. Keep up your great training and goals, keeping focused on 2021 and Green and White back at events as a Club.

Ben Runs Again

From Steve: Once upon a time in the year 2018 B.PS (Before Playstation!) Ben used to do parkruns with me. That stopped , however the attraction of a bespoke prized Kevin Doherty laminate temporarily broke the magnetic pull of the Playstation and Ben joined me for the YTRRC Christmas fun!! (done a bit ahead of the date as Ben not with me on the actual date). Just like old times, albeit the magnetic pull of the playstation is now back online and just as strong!

SW Cross Country

A reminder - entries for the SW Cross Country Championships at RNAS Merryfield, Ilton are now open. They will close on December 23rd or when races are full! Hopefully we will see LOTS of YTRRC members as other local clubs are usually well represented!

Entry form on Yeovil Olympiads site:

Shortest Day

From Graham: Final instructions for the Shortest Day Virtual Relay Race on the Sunday 20th December.

It has been decided NOT to use our hats as a baton, but to use a box made up to look like a Christmas present, just to add to the festive spirit! (you will be required to make your own Christmas present/box) Steve has offered to put together another video, but has a massive task ahead to edit all our film clips, so will probably not be using any of the Strava links as in previous videos. For video purposes, can you be seen to receive your present from your left, and throw to your virtual partner from your right. Kevin is using his design talents to make the medals for this event..A big thank you must go to Steve & Kevin who have been helping me behind the scenes.

A list below is of the runners start & finish times:

Lesley Nesbitt 8:04am - 8:14am

James Hutt 8:14am - 8:24am

Bungy Williams 8:24am - 8:35am

Helen Nesbitt 8:35am - 8:45am

Casper Harvey 8:45am - 8:56am

Yunmi Jang 8:56am - 9:06am

Jeff Watson 9:06am - 9:17am

Anita Farquhar Rufus 9:17am - 9:27am

Stephen Warren 9:27am - 9:37am

Lindsay Saunders 9:37am - 9:48am

Paul Thomas 9:48am - 9:58am

Frances Malin 9:58am - 10:09am

Richard Clayton 10:09am - 10:19am

Katie Stokes 10:19am - 10:30am

Gav Cheetham 10:30am - 10:40am

Taryn Monks 10:40am -10:51am

Tim Willis 10:51am -11:01am

Sharon Hardy 11:01am - 11:11am

Paul Card 11:11am - 11:22am

Angela Claire 11:22am -11:32am

Andy Farrant 11:32am - 11:43am

Magdalena Kusmierczyk 11:43am - 11:53am

Andrew Brown 11:53am - 12:04pm

Claire Shucksmith 12:04pm - 12:14pm

Adam Hawkins 12:14pm - 12:24pm

Corinne Hawkins 12:24pm - 12:35pm

Martin Alderman 12:35pm - 12:45pm

Donna Reeves 12:45pm - 12:56pm

Samantha Self 12:56pm - 1:06pm

Dominique Muir 1:06pm - 1:17pm

Holli Tilley 1:17pm - 1:27pm

Jon Foxon 1:27pm - 1:38pm

Nat Robins 1:38pm - 1:48pm

Jeanette Vincent 1:48pm - 1:58pm

Joanna Henley 1:58pm - 2:09pm

Anita Garrett 2:09pm - 2:19pm

Nichola Chesterton 2:19pm - 2:30pm

Lynne Thumpston 2:30pm - 2:40pm

Hayley Beck 2:40pm - 2:51pm

Rachael Jones 2:51pm - 3:01pm

Diane Acton 3:01pm - 3:11pm

Julie Burton 3:11pm - 3:22pm

Edward Budzynski 3:22pm - 3:32pm

Sue Mallinson 3:32pm - 3:43pm

Graham Still 3:43pm - 3:53pm

Steve Lye 3:53pm - 4:04pm

Any questions about this event, please just ask...

Club Captain

From Steve: Morning all, if you can WhatsApp your 2 videos (1 collecting the "present" and passing on the present) to me on 07398 116805 please. I know most of you but not all so can you please put your name on your WhatsApp message too so that I get the right video to the right name. I'll have nearly 100 bits of video to process so fingers crossed!!! Most all...have fun and smile for the camera!!!


Released On 13th Dec 2020

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