The Shortest Day

Happy Christmas YTRRC

The Shortest Day

Well another Challenge day organised by Graham this time with 45 runners with the first Runner, Lesley at 08:04 and the last runner, Steve finishing at 16:04. Yet another excellent day's work by YTRRC. Steve is now working hard on the Movie and I will add the link (hopefully). I am not going to add all the posts as it will take too long but have added a few.

Leg 1 of the YTRRC shortest day relay completed. Thanks to Graham  and Steve for all their hard work.

Shortest day relay. Leg 8 I believe. Thank you YTRRC. It was fun !

Leg 15 Thanks for organising Graham, for compiling all the video clips together Steve. And for the medals as always Kevin.


Shortest Day Relay Leg 10. Enjoyed that with my bonkers dog. Thanks for organising the event. Look forward to watching the video

Leg 22 done, I think its Mags.....

Leg 20 done, a team effort from camerwoman Holly to chief present thrower and catcher Isaac!

Shortest Day run...surprising what you can achieve when you know you only have to run a mile and you can pick your route Leg 24

My segment of the shortest day relay in the bag. Wasn’t easy after the 12 mile long run earlier. Banana powered. But what’s inside the Christmas package? Answers on a postcard.  Leg 40

Leg 28 done thank you to Graham Still Steve, Lye and Kevin Doherty for organising x

Shortest day relay leg 44 done


The Team

Lesley Nesbitt  8:04am - 8:14am

James Hutt  8:14am - 8:24am

Bungy Williams 8:24am - 8:35am

Helen Nesbitt 8:35am - 8:45am

Casper Harvey 8:45am - 8:56am

Yunmi Jang 8:56am - 9:06am

Jeff Watson 9:06am - 9:17am

Anita Farquhar Rufus 9:17am - 9:27am

Stephen Warren 9:27am - 9:37am

Lindsay Saunders 9:37am - 9:48am

Paul Thomas 9:48am - 9:58am

Frances Malin 9:58am - 10:09am

Richard Clayton 10:09am - 10:19am

Katie Stokes 10:19am - 10:30am

Gav Cheetham 10:30am - 10:40am

Taryn Monks 10:40am -10:51am

Tim Willis 10:51am -11:01am

Sharon Hardy 11:01am - 11:11am

Paul Card 11:11am - 11:22am

Angela Claire 11:22am -11:32am

Andy Farrant 11:32am - 11:43am

Magdalena Kusmierczyk 11:43am - 11:53am

Andrew Brown 11:53am - 12:04pm

Claire Shucksmith 12:04pm - 12:14pm

Adam Hawkins 12:14pm - 12:24pm

Corinne Hawkins 12:24pm - 12:35pm

Martin Alderman 12:35pm - 12:45pm

Donna Reeves 12:45pm - 12:56pm

Samantha Self 12:56pm - 1:06pm

Dominique Muir 1:06pm - 1:17pm

Holli Tilley 1:17pm - 1:27pm

Jon Foxon 1:27pm - 1:38pm

Nat Robins 1:38pm - 1:48pm

Jeanette Vincent 1:48pm - 1:58pm

Joanna Henley 1:58pm - 2:09pm

Anita Garrett 2:09pm - 2:19pm

Nichola Chesterton 2:19pm - 2:30pm

Lynne Thumpston 2:30pm - 2:40pm

Hayley Beck 2:40pm - 2:51pm

Rachael Jones 2:51pm - 3:01pm

Diane Acton 3:01pm - 3:11pm

Julie Burton 3:11pm - 3:22pm

Edward Budzynski 3:22pm - 3:32pm

Sue Mallinson 3:32pm - 3:43pm

Graham Still 3:43pm - 3:53pm

Steve Lye 3:53pm - 4:04pm

Easter Bunny

I Never knew it was Easter Bunny weekend.....

Released On 20th Dec 2020

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