Park Run by YTRRC

Park Run by YTRRC

A Day out at Weymouth

Today I was down in Swanage to jump on a coach to take the Walkers/Runners to Weymounth and then run the 32 miles back to Swanage.

The costal path is brutal with not much flat and some very steep climbs, the steps up to the Coast Guard lookout near Chapmans Pool is a killer and some of the downhills are very good for getting rid of toe nails. It is organised by the Long Distance Walkers Assoc and although no medal at £20 is great value with 4 well stocked aid stations. There is a 12 hour cut off so a good way to get your Ultra in for your Hat (see below). Crap time but not ran over 14 miles since a marathon in Feb.


Congratulations Will, and Primrose Evie Arnold

From Will:  Please say hello to the youngest member of the YTRRC family Primrose Evie Arnold. Unfortunately won’t be supporting myself and the gang at Frogmary Parkrun this morning after a rather lively first night home.

Park Runs

We had this come through: 

Thank you to everyone who volunteered and ran this morning, we really appreciated your support and the atmosphere was brilliant. We had some really lovely comments from runners.

Volunteers should receive an email to say thank you for your help. Please let me know if you haven't and I'll make sure I'll add you to the roster.

Thank you!


Slam Hats

From Lesley: Someone asked about the races needed to earn a Slam Hat. The information can be found on the website -

To qualify all distances must be completed by 15th November 2022, however, please send me the information by 23rd October to enable the suppliers to complete the order in time for delivery before the Awards Evening. Any races booked for 23rd October to 15th November qualify but please let me know so that I can then still order your relevant Hat.

PUB RUN – GALHAMPTON (18TH August 2022)

From Mark: Tonight the not so fast group (Kirsty, Helen, Alison, Rachael, JC, Paul, and myself) ran an anti-clockwise loop of around 5.5 miles along country lanes. Leaving the pub we ran into the village, turned right, left, and right again. We ran down Sandbrook lane to North Cadbury where we stopped outside the pub to take photos. Running on from the pub and turning left, ran along Woolston Road, and at Hill Ash farm turned left. Forking right we ran towards Yarlington, and turned left at some houses. We ran down the lane to Yarlington Mill farm and turned right. We followed the undulating and winding lane to the Manor house passing the fast group running towards us. We continued passing the large stone balls on the verge, and ran back into Galhampton where we passed Phil. It was grey, warm, and humid, and felt like it was going to rain. After it was nice to sit out in the conservatory for the meal. Thanks Phil for organising.

From Matt: B (the "fast" group) AKA Naughty Group were led via Bungy Williams's watch. We set off across the road and into a field, where we promptly couldn't find the way out! Cal beat a path through 6metres of nettles and we were off across another field. This led to a path - Bungy decided it was overgrown last time, so we followed the other side of the hedge, before finding we couldn't get out, so back to the path - which was clear. Finally getting into our stride, Mark Pike made friends with three dogs who then fancied Adam Switzer for tea - Matt Driver had to do his Dr Dolittle wizardry and we were free to run again. Bungy's next delight for us was Cock Hill - no comment! We then dropped into the estate now known as The Newt, before coming onto the Monarch's Way and passing Mark Larcombe's group, as we re-entered Galhampton. A nice run in an area new to me, and our tea was very good value and pudding was delicious - thanks to all!

Tues Club Run

From Ali: Club run from Goldenstones out along the footpaths to Coker. Rich under the bridge, Tim Willis group, Taryn Monks group, Bungy Williams group and around the mist in ninesprings. A good run with lovely company.

Released On 19th Aug 2022

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