Nice to see the Sun

Nice to see the Sun

Milton Keynes Marathon.         Full Results

Today was a 3:00 am start to drive to Mark Pikes house an then drive to Kev Brittle gaff near Swindon and then on to the MK Stadium. There were 1795 runners in the Marathon that starts at the Stadium and two loops course with the final 300 metres around the pitch. I managed 04:28:16, not great but legs were still feeling it from London. There is a Marathon, Half, Ten and 5k.

The reason for doing the Marathon was to show support the Steve Edwards on getting in the World Record for the fastest 1000 marathons.

The Bluebell Bash

From Claire:  Todays 10K (plus a little extra and no I didn’t get lost!) took me again to deepest darkest Dorset! Manswood Bottom to be precise for the Bluebell Bash 10K. We actually started in the dry and the sun tried to shine temporarily! A shower a few miles in was actually quite refreshing! The last few days of dry weather meant it probably wasn’t as muddy as it would have been but there was still plenty of mud to found!

Good to see Matthew Bambury who did the half, and well done to his daughters for completing their first 10K. There was someone else from YTRRC running the half (sorry I don’t know who) but they came flying past me and definitely near the front of the half marathon runners.

A great little race with the choice of 5K, 10K and a 1/2 marathon. The bluebells were stunning, added bonus of being 5 mins faster than last year but sadly a long way off my PB days!

And if you like tractors another added bonus of an unexpected tractor run on the course!

Runaway Train Trail Race & Boxty Feast 8.5 Miler

From Lindsay: So today saw a few of us head to Shepton mallet and take on the Runaway Train Trail Race & Boxty Feast 8.5 miler. We really should be more like Joanna Samuel and have left a bit earlier as parking was chocker. This meant that Steve had to chuck me out the car to run and get the numbers whilst he parked the car. We agreed to meet at the start but when I turned up there was no sign of Mr Chairman. Then panic set in, safety pins, will he have safety pins so luckily @darren from the club gave me some. Next minute I hear the word go, so I now had to decide whether I ran with Stephen Warren numbers to get him a PB or leave his number and safety pins with the lady at the start and he would then have to put some serious effort in to catch me up, I chose the latter. Anyway off we went up the hill lol.. It was lovely seeing Julius Naim on the way up and then we hit a pinch point of a kissing gate at the top of this hill which was when I saw Matt Driver and shouted 'matt driver ', now he may not have heard me but everyone else did lol, funnily enough after this I didn't see him again lol.. This route was lovely, although you had to watch your feet with rocks and uneven ground. It went thru Woods, maybe a few tough hills, that didn't take any prisoners lol, then a tunnel with a DJ and over a viaduct. It ends in the market square. Great to see Mark Copping at the end shouting 'where have you been' but when I checked the results Mac I was only 1 minute behind you lol.. It was also lovely to see Terry Byrne, Mat Sparkes , Sarah Trim and @rachel at the end.

Town Tree Trail

From Adam: 

Pub Run Thursday 16th May - The Rusty Axe, Stembridge. It's two main meals for the price of one!! Sample menu on YTRRC Facebook. However I will need to know intended numbers for eating by this Tuesday 7th to book [not menu choices] as it is very popular on Thursday evenings. You can book on the website here

Town Tree Gardens working party - Saturday 11th May from 2.00pm - All welcome, please bring shears etc if you have any plus small contribution of food/drink to share.

Kingsbury Town Tree Trail 10k race - Wednesday 22nd May 7.00pm [Fun Run 6.30]. All YTRRC members are welcome to run, this is a Club and Somerset Championship race. However if you don't wish to or can't run but could help with marshalling etc please let me know. Lots of help needed!


Weekend Running

From Lesley: Lovely, albeit cloudy Sunday run this morning from Goldenstones with a little trail (well it is nearly summer !!). Consequently it was rather hilly and 10.7 miles, however, our group of eight didn't complain although most of us were ready to finish. The bluebells were lovely at Ladies Walk although as we were going downhill we had to concentrate on not tripping over roots so missed some I'm sure. Welcome back Andy who has recently come back from injury (not very kind of me to take him on his route). Well done everyone. Helen you were missed and Robert had to take on your selfie role. Well done Natasha and her mum on the crocheted butterfly display at Dodham Brook.

From June:  Lovely to run in the sunshine today with the Cavity Trays gang. Thanks Tim and Sharon for leading.

Park Runs

From Terry: Quakers Walk Parkrun (To get a Q).

From Lesley: Weymouth parkrun this morning for a few of us on a beautiful sunny and warm day, followed by a very quick dip for Adam and me. Corinne stayed in for much longer. Tony and Robert needed the encouragement of Helen and Joanna as only managed to go up to their waist.

From Donna: YTRRC does Frogmary, rather a warm one this morning but nice to see the sun.


From Mark:  Avoiding having to drive through Yeovil tonight, I went via Bradford Abbas but found the road flooded at Clifton Maybank. So my detour meant turning round, and driving through Yeovil. For early May it still felt like winter. There were just three of us in the not so fast group tonight (Louise, JC, and myself). I led an anti-clockwise loop, first running up the hill towards Holywell. At the top we took two left turns and ran along ridge lane. From this road there are great views to the south and south west. It was dry, cool, grey, and quite pleasant up here. Passing the phone mast we descended and turned left at the western end of the ridge. Continuing down a steep descent, we then climbed the other side of the valley to Hill Cross where we met Phil. Turning left, we continued eastwards passing the southern edge of Hardington. Further on, we turned left and descended through Lyatts. A left turn at the end took us back to the pub.

There were seven of us eating afterwards. The food was good. Thanks Phil for organising.

Released On 5th May 2024

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