It's a Stickler

It's a Stickler

Marine Corp Marathon

Well done to Bryn on completing the Marine Corp Marathon and getting a PB, fitting he should do that today as the Royal Marines have their 364th Birthday 1664 Oct 28th

From Bryn: I came here with one mission and that was to knock 4mins off my PB and get 2.45.
I did more than that, I smashed 7 mins off and finished in 2.42. Apologies if I don't reply to messages as I am in the hurt locker as the yanks say and having waves of emotion going through me at the moment.

Club Calendar

The following either need to pay or collect their Calendar, I will be there on Tuesday Club Night and also the Pub Run on Thursday. Yes means you have paid.

JoHenley1 £    16.00 YES

NatRobbins1 £    16.00 YES

Elizabeth Diamond1 £    16.00 YES

KimberlyLonsdale1 £    16.00 

LynneThrumpston1 £    16.00 YES

Alison Griffiths1 £    16.00 

LesleyNesbett1 £    16.00 YES

Richard Dodge1 £    16.00 YES

PeteJakeman1 £    16.00 

SteveWarren1 £    16.00 

Lyndsay  Wasiewicz1 £    16.00 YES

KevinDoherty1 £    16.00 

Louise Dale1 £    16.00 

Mel Dodge1 £    16.00 YES

MarkCopping1 £    16.00 

SarahHouse1 £    16.00 YES

MarkCopping1 £    16.00 

CarlChappelle-hedges1 £    16.00 

Herepath Half

From Louise Ward: Herepath Half today. Lovely scenic route and well organised. I would recommend it as long as you don't mind having a memento instead of s medal 🀨. Well done to Lesley for knocking several minutes off last year's time and being first YTRRC lady and I was last lady or more kindly 2nd as there were only 2 of us!

Sunday's Run

A few of us met at 8:30 for a 14-16 mile run down Sutton Bingham, up the little hill then around Hardington and back to Goldenstones. Thanks to Graham and Gary for organising this and the route, for a couple it was the furthest they have run and that's just what the Sunday Long runs are about. Well done all.

Beachy Head Marathon

From Mark Pike: I now believe Beachy Head Marathon is the race that set the benchmark as the perfect marathon for other races to emulate. I am now going to break my “ only race each marathon once policy” Stunning route, best feed stations I have ever seen, a lot of marshals on a very well signposted course ....... fantastic!

The Stickler   Photographs

From Kev: Yeovil Town RRC were out today to tackle the Stickler 10 miler. This technical mmulti-terrainhilly and more hilly.
Ever so gradually, and ever so slowly, the morning light eased the night aside and crossing the lowlands the mist rose making trees appear wraith-like in the gloom. A murder of crows, perhaps fifty strong, perched silently in rows along the telegraph wire waiting for the sun to rise and warm their iridescent black feathers.
But enough of that... our runners all did fantastic .. Richard Greengrow did his first race in Club vest ... Richard Dodge disguised as a Badger ... outings of those chasing hats Andrew Brown.😊
Steve Lye was our first runner home with Kate Farraday first female... a posse of tired runners descended to The Old OX in for great food and company organised by Katie Brooks  Well done allπŸ‘

Shepton Mallet 10k

From Sue Mallinson: Shepton Mallet 10k, a challenging course in fairly windy conditions, a great effort from YTRRC, 6 members in all. Kay crossing the finish line.

Pub Run

From Linsay: Hi All. Our Pub Run is on Thursday 29th November at The Rose and Crown at Bradford Abbas. I know its a little way off but as its pre-orders, I thought I would let you see the menus so you can have a think and order if you want before then. Thursday night is Steak night, its £19.95 for two so let me know how you want it cooked when you order and if you are ordering with someone for the offer. 29th is the night before Awards Night so a nice little local jolly the night before to discuss our wears for Fri night should be a good laugh. Please be at pub and ready to run for 6.30 pm. Mary, the Landlady wants orders no later than Sunday 25th November.

Children's Cross-country

From Adam: Many thanks once again to the wonderful YTRRC members who were able to help with today's primary schools' cross country races.
525 children took part!!!  Without your help, this would not be possible

Awards Night

If you have not booked please do so this week so we can start the Planning like the table plan. Don't leave it to the last minute. 

From Lesley: 

URGENT - See below list of requested Hats so far. The few highlighted ones I am awaiting one or more results please. If you are not included and should be please let me know by next SATURDAY, 3RD NOV at the very latest as I have to contact the suppliers with numbers. ALSO URGENT - I have used the Hat details for best timed races for the championship table. If you're not included in the list below and haven't given me your best times for championship please also let me know by 3RD NOV AT THE VERY LATEST. THERE IS NO LEEWAY ON THIS! Many thanks

Beryl Chung, James Hutt, Mike Collins, Dave Gillard, June Moule, Rob Adams, Elspeth Fontana, Lyndsay Wasiewicz, Shaun Powell
Haiden Watts, Mel Dodge, Trevor Strelley, Holly Tilley, Mark Copping

Alan Smith, Harriet Quast, Luke Hicks, Anita Garrett, Jeff Watson, Malcolm Maxted, Becky Burton, Jo Henley, Natalie Robins,
Carl Hedges, Kirsty Norman, Paul Card, Caroline Watts. Lesley Nesbitt, Paula Odam, Claire Shucksmith, Linda Membury,         Samantha Lloyd, Denise Byrd, Liz Diamond, Steve Lye, Graham Still, Louise Hallett

Andy Merrick, Lindsay Saunders, Sharon Masters, Anita Rufus, Louise Ward, Stephanie Brearey, Guy Williams, Richard Dodge,     Steve Warren, Katie Brooks, Sarah House

Park Runs

From Lesley: Montacute Parkrun on a cold crisp and sunny morning with Leo, running the route in reverse to celebrate Halloween and the clocks going back.

Marks Runs

PUB RUN – GALHAMPTON (25th October 2018)
Six of us (Tim, J.C. Me, Louise, Anita, and Sue) were led by J.C round and 6.5-mile route tonight. Clouds, no moon, and darkness limited what could be seen. A few dogs were heard barking, but none followed us this time. We headed off through the village and this time turned left before reaching North Cadbury. We ran along Corkscrew lane and went wrong for a short while at Woolston. Correcting, we headed towards Maperton and turned left at the far junction. We re-grouped at the next junction and ran down into Yarlington passing a pub. We continued westward passing farms in the darkness. For a while, the road became wet and muddy. We ran past the Manor House in Galhampton. Opposite there were 3 large white concrete balls on a grass triangle, a bit like out of the “Prisoner”. We continued through the village and reached the main road and pub. Thanks, J.C. and all, it was a quick run. After dinner, we had Kev’s birthday cake.

Released On 27th Oct 2018

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