Happy New Year 2021

Happy New Year 2021


Well its been a very strange year and I think as a Club we have achieved a lot with all Kev's Events, the Virtual Races, the odd Race and some great Club Night Runs. Well done all that took part and I have put an Album together Yeovil Town RRC 2020   

Tier Four

Sadly the Club is in Tier Four though we do have members in Dorset  our Club activities must stop for the time being.

It seems clear to me from EA and Government rules that YTRRC official activities must stop whilst we are in Tier 4:

Organised outdoor and indoor sport for over-18s is not permitted.

People can exercise outdoors or visit some public outdoor places, such as parks, the countryside, public gardens or outdoor sports facilities. They can continue to do unlimited exercise alone, or in a public outdoor place with their household, support bubble, or one other person.

Outdoor sports facilities are allowed to open and can be used by individual households, bubbles or two people from different households. This applies to outdoor track and field provision where it is open locally

Club Virtual Challenges

From Kev: 10th of January ( day or 2 flexi) is Actually Rod Stewart Birthday.... it sounded more exciting than my Historical Leon Trotsky link... so our 4th Autumn/Winter Series event will be. Rod Stewart Birthday 5 Miler... Bit of Tartan and a wig ... Best photo wins a bottle of Proseco... subject to ever changing lockdown rules ... but we want hard effort from some of you , fun and motivation for others .
Final update on Friday 8th...

South West Coastal Path

We have a few that entered the SWCP 630 mile challenge from the same End to End that does the Lands End to John 'o' Groats.  If you want to join in the link is here

From Nick Cox: Have made a start on the south west coastal path virtual run

From Sue: Well, I've set off, SWCP Challenge, it will be a mix of running and walking but if I make it I'll be happy.

Meanwhile Nat is still on the  South Wales Coastal Path.

From Nat: Yay!!! Nearly there finally almost half way and only another 22 weeks left ..........

From Matt: Daniel Stephen James McFarlane completed his LeJog challenge on Christmas Day (?) according to my records, so well done Dan! ...the site is now down as today was the final deadline, so James Hutt appears to have missed out, but with his mileage and everyone else's we collaboratively achieved well over 20,000 miles! This seemed to be a great motivating event during lock-down and a good medal and t-shirt goes a long way when there are few events going on. I know Brian Lane has just completed the "Height of Everest" while Ashley Mehta did his own thing by running increasing kms during December - brilliant stuff by them both. I'm sure more of you are doing various challenges, so make sure Bungy Williams knows so he can put your report in the club blog (especially if you want to link to your charity fundraiser), but even if its just for fun Kevin Doherty's events have been brilliant too and the relay's managed to bring the club together in an amazingly distanced way!

Therefore, I've just signed up to the South West Coast Path (I think Linda Membury and others have too), as I know this will keep me motivated for the coming months - check out the web link I'll add at the end! With any luck I'll be able to run some of it in situ...here's hoping

Happy New Year to you all

From Brian: Today I finished my virtual climb of Mount Everest It took me about 9 weeks

Released On 3rd Jan 2021

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