Easter Bunny 2021

Easter Bunny 2021

Club Runs

Volunteer Tuesday evening Run Leader wanted: A couple of members have mentioned that it would be useful to have an additional Run Leader on Tuesday Club nights, running at 11-11.30 min mile pace. At the moment we don't have anything between 10.5 and 12 min/ml. Is there anyone out there willing to take a group at this pace? If so, please contact Guy who will add you to the Events Page on the website. If you don't feel confident to do it alone maybe there are two of you who could lead together as moral support for each other. 

Thanking you in anticipation" 


Virtual Running

From Anita:  So finally able to attend an organised event for #60. A great day out with Tara, although we missed our 3rd musketeer Lynne. The weather was typically British as freezing to start and blisteringly hot by the end. Many thanks to Davey for such a Covid safe event.


Easter Bunny

Well the Club Virtual Running started with the Easter Bunny last year and we did not think we would be doing it a Year later still with a lock down on most Races. Still Kev has got you all out running and I think this might be the most Club members that took part so far. Steve has also managed to do a YouTube Clip as well and you can view this from here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Di8HnNUZcjc 

From Andrew:  Thanks for the running challenge. Not my fastest 10k, but I really enjoyed it! Lovely Easter morning. Beautiful countryside....and at approx 5.5 miles I had a "Come on Yeovil!" Happy Easter everyone!


From Marathon Mike: Easter Bunny virtual 10k, who would have thought a year ago we'd be doing it again? A nice cool morning, but with 20mph winds which hampered progress over the bridge. Coqina Beach to Bradendon Beach and over the intra-coastal for a lap around Cortez fishing village. Saw mother and baby dolphin on the way back and brown pelicans on the pier. Happy Easter all! Thanks as always Kev.


From Marie: Easter Bunny 10km completed. Thanks Kevin Doherty  for yet another challenge. Was planning on running it tomorrow, but the weather looks rubbish and I’m glad I did. Beautiful out there.

From Paul: Kev‘s 10k Easter Bunny challenge run. No getting out of it as Steve told me you’d already kindly given him my badge. Good to see you Kev on my warm down run. Happy Easter all


From Yunmi: No obvious evidence of Easter bunny 10k. Been there and done that. Kevin Doherty


From Hayley: The Easter Bunny 2021  done! Longest run since I've been back out exercising so pretty chuffed!

From Andy: Easter Bunny 10K completed with Cameron, nice run and great to see some other club members. Thanks Kevin Doherty


From Adam: We completed our virtual Easter Bunny run, shuffle walk (with bad knee etc!) Thanks Kevin Doherty



From Andrew:  Easter Bunny 2021 10K completed.

From Jo:  YTRRC Easter Bunny 10k Vortual run done this morning with Linda Membury & Anita Farquhar Rufus. Lovely morning for it. Even got Bungy Williams with a “come on Yeovil”!!!

From Libi:  Easter Bunny 10k completed - good challenge to start the Easter weekend with. Happy Easter Everyone!

From Helen: Virtual Easter Bunny 10k complete cheers Kevin.

From Me: Easter Bunny Day One, Day Two, Three and Four.

From Sandra: So .... easter bunny we did. Gorgeous weather. Garmin failed miserably for both of us.. seemed to object to a photo stop! 10km achieved. ( even if the proof is our recce run last Tuesday.

From Matt: Easter Bunny 10k done - It was a good route, until I found that "solid bit of earth" wasn't! The magnolia tree is out in full bloom all ready for Tuesday's snow! But I've been visited by the Easter Frog, so I'm happy! Thanks Kevin Doherty

From Jeanette: Easter Bunny 10k complete am slightly gutted not to have got a PB especially as I was 20 seconds off - enjoyed it thank you Kevin Doherty for the challenge.

From Steve: Easter 10k. That's the daily egg-ercise done and now to crack on with the rest of the day!Happy Easter everyone. Cheers Kevin Doherty.

From Nick: Thanks again Kevin Doherty  for another running challenge. Here is my Easter Bunny 10K run

From Chloe and Amie: Easter Bunny 10k.Cold and windy! 

From Richard:  Kevin Doherty Easter Bunny 10k completed. Thank you for the challenge

From Gav: Easter Bunny 10k . Thanks for the challenge as always Kevin. Happy Easter everyone. Time to refuel with Hot Cross Buns & Easter biscuits whilst waiting for the Easter tomorrow

From Kat:  Easter Bunny 10k completed with the girls. Nice to see Aubrey Wood ,Stephen Warren and Anita Garrett en route. Kevin Doherty

From Ali: Easter bunny 10k completed with Charlotte Kerr, Daphne Barfoot and Kim Barfoot. Lovely sunny morning spring has sprung. Thanks again Kevin Doherty xx


From Mags:  My Easter Bunny "effort" today Happy Easter everyone

From Rob: Easter Bunny 10k completed on first part of run this morning. Kevin Doherty thanks again


From Nick: Easter Bunny 10k

From Lesley: Easter Bunny 10k completed. A run of 2 parts - downhill/flat for the 10k and uphill/flat for the 3.8mile cooldown. Lovely morning for it. Thanks for organising yet again Kevin

From Angela: Beautiful blue skies and none of yesterday's cold wind for today's 10k effort. Not my fastest but any means, there was lots of chatting on today's run but I managed to run up Stone Lane so I'm happy with that.


From Lynne: Threw the battered body round Kevs Easter Bunny . Beautiful morning, Easter service being held outside , did spend a bit of time looking for a lost cat ( as you do on a 10km) thank you Kev


Somerset Running

From Sue: Saturday morning social run with Mark Larcombe June Moule Julie Burton, Nick Roper and JC, incorporating Easter Bunny 10k. Thanks for the route Mark and the lovely company everyone..


Ninesprings on Saturday Morning.






Weekend Update SWCP

From Matt: The South West Coast Path Virtual Distance Route Yeovil Town Road Runners Club Participants - or as I call it the SWCPYTRRCP, which just happens to be Welsh for "smashing it", has reached the end of week 13. To finish by the end of the year at 1.75 miles per day, we should all have reached 160 miles by now. Statistically, Donna Reeves continues as our consistently most average YTRRC performer, Bungy Williams continues as our only finisher, Angela Claire continues as our "most likely not to log miles", dropping behind Tristram Clark as our only sub 100 mile participants - however, they remain numbers 1 and 2 on my list! Despite random heckling from her husband, Sara Driver is stuck on 109.75 miles a little past Hartland Quay. Kat Hurford is nearing Widemouth Bay (lovely place) at 125.22, and Lauren Jessica is at Treardock on 147.45. Shaun Powell is at the splendidly named Whipsiderry Beach on 185.16, while Nat Robins has reached Perran Sands at 198.18

At 209 miles, Matt Driver has reached Sally's Bottom. It's quite nice but not very accessible, and it can be sandy at times! Natasha Turner is at Godrevy Sands on 218.64, a golden beach run by the National Trust! Both Nichola Chesterton on 224.72, and Martin Alderman on 224.85 are sweeping around the River Hayle estuary, meanwhile Richard Clayton has reached Zennor at 235.24 Rachael Gosney is a good 20 miles further on and around the first "lug" on 258.64 at Penberth Cove, just a bay away from Mark Copping at Merthen Point on 259.76 Mel Cox is at 270.2 in Mounts Bay in sight of Claire Shucksmith just along the way on 271.07. Another leap, this time another ten miles along the SWCP catches up with Donna Reeves on 281.27 at Porthleven, and then Adam Hawkins on 284.88 at Gunwalloe Anita Garrett has passed Mullion Island and might be taking a rest at The Chair, a smaller rock off the coast at 290.06. A little further on at Predannack Head is Nick Cox on 290.79

Last week the route described up to 300 miles, so this week let's see the location of everyone else as they hurtle towards home:

Sue Mallinson - 314.94 - Up Gillan Creek

Kate Gowers - 316.19 - St. Anthonys Meneage

Sandra Levett - 317.6 - Helford

Sharon Hardy - 320.18 - Mawnan (I dunno either ???)

Linda Membury - 323.32 - Maenporth

Louise Ward - 328.12 - Falmouth (Ah, I know that one)

Marie Lockwood - 346.0 - Portloe

Casper Harvey - 387.13- East Looe

June Moule - 415.19 - Plymouth - Devon!!!

Paul Thomas - 424.61 - River Yealm (I rowed a boat there once)

Lesley Nesbitt - 476.2 - Dartmouth (we all know that one!)

Tim Willis - 506.26 - Dawlish (very nice!)

Andrew Holloway - 572.44 - Weymouth (you can pop home for tea)

That'll be everyone - don't forget your Easter 10k if you haven't done it already! See you all soon

Mid week brief SWCP

From Donna:  First one of the month means how far you have ran and what you have left:

Bungy 630 finished

Andrew Holloway 555.07 74.93

Tim Willis 483.34 146.66

Lesley Nesbitt 465.30 164.70

Paul Thomas 424.61 295.39

June Moule 401.89 228.12

Casper 387.13 242.87

Marie Lockwood 327.92 302.08

Louise Ward 323.03 306.97

Linda Membury 317 313

Sue Mallinson 314.84 315.16

Sharon Hardy 312.09 317.91

Sandra Levett 311.60 318.49

Kate Gowers 307.87 322.13

Anita Garrett 286.94 343.06

Adam Hawkins 284.88 345.12

Donna Reeves 281.27 348.73

Nick Cox 275.69 354.31

Claire Shucksmith 268.12 361.88

Mel Cox 264.20 365.89

Rachael Gosney 252.15 377.85

Mac 252.01 377.99

Martin Alderman 224.85 405.15

Richard Clayton 223.53 406.47

Natasha Turner 218.64 411.36

Nichola Chesterton 215 415

Nat Robins 198.18 431.82

Matt Driver 195.90 434.10

Shaun Powell 174.89 455.11

Lauren Jessica 142.35 487.65

Kat Hurford 125.22 504.78

Sara Driver 109.75 520.25

Tristram 95.62 534.38

Angela Claire 93.63 536.37


Released On 3rd Apr 2021

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