City to Sea

City to Sea

Andover Trail Marathon

Well done to Dave Tinsley and JC on the Andover Trail Marathon today.

City to Sea Marathon

With a few chasing numbers to get to either 100 or 200 you stop and nothing to achieve this, so at 4:30 am Lynne, Anita, Richard, Mark and I met in the Esso Petrol station near South Petherton in the dark. The reason for this was to get to Babbacombe, the Race finish, to leave a couple of cars there with the other cars heading for Exeter St David Train Station, the Start, and Race registration. We got to Exeter and collected our Race Numbers. Once there we met Darren and then headed for the Start. The weather was good for running with some Cloud blocking out the Sun.

The route takes you along the Exeter Canal for a bit and takes in some of the Exeter Marathon route and then you basically run along the River Exe running under the M5 and out to Dawlish Warren and then Teignmouth. You then cross the Bridge and stay on the South West Coastal Path to Babbacombe, sounds easy. Well, the first 1 to 20 miles is nice going and flatish, there are two main well stocked Aid Stations inside Town Halls with chairs and even Tea and Coffee, there were also a few water only Aid Stations as well. From mile 20 the climbing starts along with some steep steps, so you are either going up or going down, both that can hurt your legs.

There are some stunning views on this bit and one point you can see the Finish area and when you do through the woods you think that it should be downhill and a nice finish. Yeah right, you end up going down but then you come across the Cable Car and then have to go round this, so this meant steps bloody hundreds of them, this is about mile 26.

When you finally get to the top it is busy with Holidaymakers so you kindly ask them to move out of your way. You then come out with a lovely slight downhill to the finish funnel.  With a very nice bit of Bling and great T-Shirt at the end along with free Tea Coffee and Cake it makes up for the last 6 miles, you also get free Fish and Chips as well.



Park Runs

Saturday saw Lesley complete her 100th Park Run at Montacute. Well done.

Bushy Parkrun event #750

From James Day: I have been excited about this weekend for a little while now, I think I booked it in June. Before people ask why, yes, I agree, I do need to get a life but here goes … Feel free to call me a parkrun geek but Bushy parkrun is the original parkrun. Yes, now for parkrun history, it started on 2nd October 2004 with just 13 runners. Today I joined in the fun of their 750th event with a subtle turnout of 1273 parkrunners.

It all started at the Travelodge on Friday night where I attempted to check-in using the self-check-in computer. I didn’t work so I had to speak to the receptionist. After giving my name to the young, good-looking brunette she said I had a choice of rooms!? UG Floor(?) or 4th Floor ... My reply with a straight face was “Which one are you staying in?” Her reply “I only work here, I don’t stay here too.” Only slightly missing the point … bless but it did have me in fits of laughter at least!

After a few drinks at the local watering hole, The Teddington Arms and the time nearing midnight I thought it would be a wise idea to go to the park. Just so I know where to head in the morning. Get me bearings and all of that. Wild deer roam Bushy park at night. Cider and wild deer don’t mix. Trust me. I made a quick exit out the park.

Bright eyed and slightly not so Bushy-tailed (like what I did there!?) I managed to avoid spending the morning staring into the abyss of Travelodge toilet unlike previous visits to the area with YTRRC and made my way to the park. No sightings of deer this morning, phew! The congregation of runners is fabulous but not only runners, lots of cyclists and enjoying the park too. ‘Exercise is good for you laziness is not’ said the Wombles and I agree. With that the run started in cool, dry conditions and the jostling for position whilst trying to avoid tripping up other people begins. I have ran the Bushy parkrun before, for thire 500th event, now you know why I attended their 750th and they now run the course in the reverse direction which baffled me for the first mile. Course completed in 23:32 and I was the 250th male over the line. I like the correlation between my gender position and the fact I’ve ran the 500th and 750th event … I’ll let you do the maths. All good fun, number 79 parkrun complete. Peace and Love and everything in-between.


7 days to go ... Fullonsport has 15 YTRRC in the 8 mile & 6 signed up for 5 mile race.
Sign up 😛... it will be fab, Stephanie Lara has been pushing the ladies team ( finally 🤣) and Mens Team.... need a kick up the backside 🤣... we have few new members .. a great event to meet existing members and help Adam Hawkins with any marshalling and those with nothing planned ... sign up and have a great day out.

Just for Fun

From Graham: Here's a challenge for the 'mad' members of our club, run 100 or 50 miles in 7 days. The start date will be 17th December finishing on the 23rd December. You can run once a day, or twice a day up to you. However, on the last day (23rd) it would be nice for all taking part to run their last run together. For a 100 miles this works out at
14.3miles per day, for 50 miles thats 7.14miles per day.

Names so far

1). Graham Still
2).Gary Stickley
3).Richard Howes
4).Stephanie Lara
5).Tim Howes
6).Rob Jones
7).Kev Brettle
8 Bungy Williams
9).Matthew Driver
10).Dave Tilsley
11).Daniel Stephen James McFarlane
12).Robert Gillard
13).Lynne Thumpston

1).Louise Hallett
2).Katie Brooks
3).Claire Shucksmith
4).Sarah House
5).Harriet Quast
6).Nat Robins
7).Angela Claire
8.Claire Church
9).Anita Farquhar Rufus
10).Magdalena Kusmierczyk
11).Martin Alderman
13).Anita Garrett
14). Terry Byrne
15). Anna Lloyd
16). James Hutt
17). Carl Chappelle-hedges

Let me know if any of you guys would like to join in. I know this might seem strange, but this is for fun, nothing serious

Awards Night

We have had a few now that have paid and also voted so thanks, can I ask you all to try and Vote and just leave any you are not sure about blank. The Awards night can be booked here.

Club Calendar

I now have orders for 29 so far. I will keep this open till the end of September then close and look to order when an offer comes up. I may ask for payment before I order and will do a link using Pay Pal and the option to pay by BACS, Cash or Chq as well. If you would want one then just let me know.

Somerset Road Race Championship

This year’s Road Race Championship will be on Sunday October 7th. It will be over the Half Marathon distance and is included in the Burnham-on-Sea Half Marathon with the kind agreement of Burnham-on-Sea Harriers. Medals will be awarded to the first three finishers – men and women.

Entries can be made through:

Marks Runs

PUB RUN – LIME KILN AT KNOLE (30th August 2018)
Organised by Adam as a recce for the Ash Excellent 8, I had the pleasure of leading the run. It was dry and mild with no sunshine and no wind, the last August Pub Run. We ran down the lane to Knole, and up the steep hill where we had great views all around. On leaving the hill top we encountered the first of 3 bunches of cows. These ones were pretty (Jersey like) and docile. We ran fields, and tracks to the foot bridge over the river Yeo. Further tracks took us to New Witcombe farm. We turned right and ran up the lane until reaching Milton farm. We turned right and ran to the end of the track. On entering the field, we met the second bunch of cows. We walked as one was a large black Bull. At the far corner we crossed the river again and came to the road bridge at Long Load. Turning right off of the main road, we entered a field with the third bunch of cows. These were frisky small bullocks. We hopped over a style and entered the Golf Course which we ran through. We came out on, and ran up a track called Ilchester Lane. At the top we reached a road. The road took us back to Knole. We cut across a field and ran up the lane back to the pub. Thanks Adam and all.

Released On 2nd Sep 2018

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