Chasing in Bradstock

Chasing in Bradstock

Burton Bradstock Marathon, Half, 10k and 5k

Burton Bradstock is a low key event but has something for everyone. When we got there it was pouring down, luckily the RD could give his brief in the Barn so we all stayed dry. The race starts all together with the 5k at the front and so on with the Half and Full going from the same start at the back. It is one loop for the half and two for the full with the 10 and 5k an out and back.

It rained for the first half but was ok for the second but still windy and wet. Kev Brettle was the first over the line and 4th place with Lynne our First Lady. Anita Garrett was our first Lady in the Half and In the 10k we had Claire Church and another YTRRC runner but sadly I don't know his name. Its a shame more of the Club don't give this a go, it can be a fast course and about 30 mins away. Lynne, JC and I managed to knock up 55miles in two days a great effort today by all.

Had the privilege of running with Brian Mills today (1312 marathons). Me on 93 I think! Good day out in wind rain and hills! Make a great club outing!

Mendip Muddle hosted by Weston AC  

What a great race! I had such a good time! Yes the rain was driving, it was windy, cold and misty, didn't see a velvet bottom anywhere only soggy bottoms but there's nothing like your mind telling you can do something and your body saying oh alright then.
I was first and last Yeovil Town RRC lady! 😂 One for next year definitely!

Dorchester Dash 10k      Full Results

Just myself Trevor Strelley and Shaun Powell at this new event for 1610 203 finishers.

Trevor Strelley 52.49
Shaun Powell 54.18

Starting and finishing at Dorchester Sports Centre and heading out into beautiful local scenery including Maiden Castle. This is a one lap route which starts from the Dorchester Sports Centre onto quiet urban roads before heading up to and around Maidens Castle. The course profile has an undulating gradient with a couple of challenging hills. Scenic views of the countryside add to the attraction of this event.

Gold Hill 10k

This long established local Shaftsbury Race featuring the famous " Hovis Hill" was full with no on the day entries ... The weather probably deterred a few from venturing out. But not for YTRRC who had Katie Brooks Richard Dodge Linda Membury Steve Lye Jeff Watson Samantha Lloyd Luke Hicks and Judith Wilson.

The weather was forecast as wet and it had been raining all morning. However a break in rain led to a dry start as runners headed of downhill for 1km before ascending the famous Hovis Hill.. by this stage runners have thinned out ... this part, of course, attracts a crowd at top of hill, shouting and cheering on the runners ... the course then meanders up and down lanes/roads ... and the cruelty of thinking your near the end having ascended a long steep hill... you turn right ... to be presented with another daunting ascent to the finish.. congratulations to all... Katie paced Richard due to "marathon legs" from yesterday 😆
Steve was first Yeovil male and Linda first Yeovil Lady... Brilliant race and well done to our team.


The Chase Marathon Ultra     Full Results

Saturday saw some idiots go to Church Farm Caravan Park in Sixpenny Handly in the rain for a 9 am start but due to the wind this was delayed for30 mins to rescue the second Aid Station. We set off and the rain stopped and even the wind. The route was simple 13.1 miles out turn round at the Love Station and run back along the same route, simple.

Sadly the route out was not 13.1  but 14.5 so the way back was a struggle, at mile 12 I was taken out by a snipper and hit the floor covering myself with mud and sour Ribs for the rest of the Race. On the way back there was a Pheasant shoot going on both sides of the track and they didn't bother stopping as we ran pass in each direction, then you had their dogs running by with the said dead Pheasant in its mouth. The out and back meant you saw all the runners and Dave was going strong in 9th place but managed to finish in 5th place so well done Dave, Lynne was our first lady. It was hard going but a nice route, just a shame it was 29.5 miles. Still only had to do another one on Sunday (hopefully).

At the end of the Race we got a medal, beer, and biscuits but also got my 4th Dan Belt for four years running at WSR races. Well done to all YTRRC runners today, Mark, Dave, Chris, Richard, JC and Lynne, 29 bloody miles.........


Park Runs

From Katie: This morning i went to Street parkrun for my 50 t-shirts first outing. Saw a few other club members but not able to get a club photo. Rather windy yet warm run, rain for a few seconds which was lucky. Ready for gold hill tomorrowThis morning i went to Street parkrun for my 50 t-shirts first outing. Saw a few other club members but not able to get a club photo. Rather windy yet warm run, rain for a few seconds which was lucky. Ready for gold hill tomorrowThis morning i went to Street parkrun for my 50 t-shirts first outing. Saw a few other club members but not able to get a club photo. Rather windy yet warm run, rain for a few seconds which was lucky. Ready for gold hill tomorrowThis morning i went to Street parkrun for my 50 t-shirts first outing. Saw a few other club members but not able to get a club photo. Rather windy yet warm run, rain for a few seconds which was lucky. Ready for gold hill tomorrow.

From Lesley: Southampton parkrun this morning - 748 runners! Rain just stopped in time to make it a pleasant run around Southampton Common along mostly tarmac paths.

From Adam: Henstridge Park Run this morning - really good course - just over 100 runners

Club Championship

Club Championships info now required

It's getting close to finalising Club Championships so could everyone please let me know their fastest Street or Yeovilton 5k, half marathon and marathon as soon as possible so that I can start getting the info into a spreadsheet. 31st October is the deadline for these races and I require the information by 3rd November to enable me to establish the winners and pass the info to Phil for trophy engraving in time for the Awards Night.

Also, please send me your race details for your Hats. If you still have some to do in November please let me know the ones you have completed so far and tell me which one (or more) you are doing in November. Again the deadline for telling me is 3rd November.

2019 Club Championships

Races for 2018/2019 are as follows with the Full Monty 10 miler being the first - so get in quick and enter as spaces sell out:

Most of the dates above are TBC and will be confirmed as and when they are published by the organising Clubs. If, when the dates are published, there is a date clash we will amend this list to avoid this.

The rules are as this year so please read them carefully. Don't hesitate to contact me if you want any more information or explanation. I'm happy to chat to anyone to explain how it all works.


From me, If you do have any questions please pm or email Lesley rather than post on Facebook, it turns into a thread that goes off course and leads to stupid arguments, anything that needs to be sorted then Lesley can do this and post on here and the website. Thanks 

Children's Cross Country 

From Adam:  Many, many thanks to the wonderful YTRRC members who were able to help with today's primary schools cross country races. 456 children from 28 local schools finished the races!! Without YTRRC members help and support these races would not be possible. Next race - Wednesday 24th October at Yeovil Town FC.

Street 5k One

From Katie: YTRRC does race 1 of the Street 5k series. Lovely running weather, I'm happy how I ran and was 1st Yeovil lady and Trevor's run was brilliant and 1st Yeovil man.
Shame we were the only 2 running from the club tonight, nice to get more coming to run as its local. Thanks to Louise Ward and Fez for coming along to support.

Marks Runs

PUB RUN – PITNEY (11th October 2018)
There were three groups tonight. The group of eight led by J.C. ran off down the hill towards Pitney. Still light at this point we turned left running village lanes and a track. We stopped to regroup with the church towering above stone cottages. We continued northward with a strong smell of apples in the air. We turned left and slogged along an incline that became a seriously steep hill. After it flattened, ahead on the left was a Windmill in front of a dull sunset. Half an hour earlier would have made a truly atmospheric photo. We continued and reached a point between High Ham and Low Ham. Turning left we ran down to Low Ham and reached the church in a field. There must have been at least six barking dogs along this route tonight, and a silent big one. We climbed up to New Way with a crescent moon up to the right. We turned left before reaching Pict’s Hill, and ran down Culver Hill. This took us back into Pitney. We ran past the church, round the houses and back up the hill to the Pub. Thanks to J.C. and to Adam for organising, and to all for running. Thanks to Alison for the Photo.

Released On 14th Oct 2018

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