At Least the Rain has Stopped

At Least the Rain has Stopped

Schools Cross Country 

Yeovil Primary Schools Cross Country races this Wednesday , 7th February

Yeovil Showground, Two Tower Lane.

Any help any time between 2.00pm and 5.00pm gratefully received

Thanks Adam

Weekend Running

From Lynne: Slow and steady from Somerton this morning. Scenic route around the out skirts of So erton , taking in the Somerton lido. This is a huge puddle that never drains away , fun had by all! More fun when Karyl’s trainings became very bubbly! Karyl’ s trainer cleaning with fairy liquid was top notch , but failed on the rinsing ! Refreshments after, great run thanks all.

From Lesley: Lovely morning for our Sunday run this morning with a large group again. Robert and Poppy wanted to be kind on their knees so split off to do trails and missed the photo. There was another split off for a shorter route and a few met earlier and did an extra 4 miles. However, we all met up for coffee and Helen's cakes at the cafe of course! Well done to Mandy who completed the 10 miles, the longest run since coming back from injury; it certainly wasn't the flattest route! Lovely to meet Martin and Helen en route.

From Richard: Good turnout for this mornings Sunday long run with the marathon training group, well done all 15+ miles in the bag.

Park Runs

From Racheal: Well done to everyone at Frogmary this morning. A special mention to Helen Nesbitt for 150 parkruns!

From Margarita:So for something totally different. Away for the weekend in Southampton and decided to go for a run in the morning, so what best way to do this than a Parkrun! Signed up yesterday, and completed my first ever parkrun today at Southampton Common. At the start brief we were told this was the second biggest in the country, definitely justified as there were loads of people there. 2 different laps of the park, I really enjoyed it.

From Taryn: Tourism PR today and a pb on the course.


From Mark: There was a good turn out tonight and nine of us in the not so fast group (Kelly, Elie, June, Sue, Louise, Rachael, two new people, and myself). Leaving the pub we ran up towards Barwick. A train passed in the darkness as we approached the bridge. Passing the church, we climbed the hollow and crossed the A37 at the Red House. We continued westward along the lane and reached the south western part of Yeovil. We ran a loop around the houses, and came back to the A37. At the junction with Two Tower lane the group split with some taking a shorter route back to the pub. Four of us ran along Two Tower lane and reached Newton road. Turning right and right again after half a mile we continued along Rexe’s Hollow. At Barwick farm we turned left and made our way through the houses back to the pub. Thanks all for the run, and thanks Phil for organising. A large group of us sat round one large table afterwards for the meal, which I enjoyed.

Released On 4th Feb 2024

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