An Ox goes to Bristol

An Ox goes to Bristol

Tuesday AGM

Don't forget that this Tuesday is the AGM after the Chairmans 5k Handicap  

Ox Running Weekend

Saturday saw the Ox series of runs with a Dark and Light Ox, a Half, a 12 hour do as many laps as you want and a 50 miler. With some great bling on offer, there were a few Club members there for this White Star Running event with camping thrown in for those that wanted. Don't really know where to start with so muck going on but here goes. I think the 50 miler started first on Saturday Morning with Gary Stickley who had a great race and was 6th overall and had the 3rd fastest lap, so well done Gary

Then half an hour later the 12-hour event started, this was a challenge event with an option for Solo and Team runners. One lap and you could finish, get the medal and goodie bag or do as many laps as you wanted for 12 hours. Most just did the 4 laps as this was Marathon distance and as with all White Star Events that meant a Love Station every lap with all the goodies and odd bit of Cider (ask Helen). The results are below with Club members mostly completing 4 laps and some trying to get back from injury slightly less. Our Club photographer aka Jand was out and about with what she calls a Camra.

As for the other Races, in the Dark Ox Nathan took first place with Phillipa our first Lady and also first Lady over the line.


Luke did most if not all the Races so got a fair bit of Bling

This is a great weekend and a bit like Hope 24 but with more options so well worth the Club making up some Teams next year and make a weekend of it.

You also got one of these.



Ox 50 Miler Results       Ox 12 Hour Solo Results     Dark Ox Results      Light Ox Results       Ox Half Results


Other Races this Weekend

Bridport 10k

Another morning out with the Yeovil runners Denise, Helen and poppy the dog, Corinne and Adam at the Bridport 10k.

Bristol 10k

From Leyton:

Myself and Darrell Sheen hit the Bristol 10k this morning. A great race with over 12000 runners. No official results or times yet but my time was 39 something and Darrell had a great PB of 38 something.


Elspeth Fontana‎ Ran the Great Bristol 10km today it was so busy! 57.13 a little gutted not to get a PB had a bit of a wobbly last 2km c'est la vie.

Trowbridge 5k

In need of a 5k to complete my mini hat, I ran the Trowbridge 5k this morning.  A bit of a drive for just 19.03 minutes of running but that's the hat sorted!  I haven't raced this shorter distance for a long time so I was pleased with my pacing and getting a p.b. Didn't see any other YTRRC runners there.



Summer 5k Series

From Dave (Race Director)

SUMMER 5k SERIES - 2nd race is one week away and the club will need as much support from you all. The Race cannot go ahead without your help.

Wessex Ridgeway

From Matt:

Well Hello...
Stephanie Lara has, unfortunately, had to pull out of the Wessex Ridgeway Relay, so there is an amazing opportunity for someone to jump in...male/female - doesn't matter, fast/slow - doesn't matter - want to help the YTRRC team - now that does matter! Link below...You need to be able to spend the day in the company of YTRRC runners on 21st May. All race fees paid for by the club, includes meal and travel, why would you say no?

Wessex Ridgeway

Andrew Brown, and me on leg 1
Graham Still and Phil MacQuaid leg 2
Kevin Doherty and Jo Henley leg 3
Richard Howes and Brian Mountjoy-Row leg 4
Tim Howes and Gareth Thomas leg 5
Nathan Gardiner and Richard Dodge leg 6
Don't forget everyone!
Wessex Ridgeway!!!

Park Runs

From Linsey:

Sooo today one attended the Victoria Park run at Netley heath, Southampton and it was not only a course PB for me but a Park run Pb at 26.14 :-) Apparently thy alternate every week between a run through the woods and 5.5 laps round the cricket pitch. They call the laps one the marmite race, u either love it or hate it lol. luckily for m, I loved it, nice and flat and great runners. I had a nice warm up mile jog to the park from my cousins and then back once I'd finished. It was also a first for this park run to have pacers. The pacers were sub 20, 22, 25, 30, 32 and 34 I think. It was a great start to the day with a warm breeze and sun shining. bring on sub 26 at Montacute next lol.

Mark's Runs

Six up us left the Train Station at 9 this morning, and ran through the town heading towards Lenthay Common. There were calves at the north western end of the common. We continued across five more fields on our way to Wyke. At Wyke we were reduced to five. Past the big old barn and over the railway line, we headed south towards Thornford. A tyre on a rope over a stream kept us amused for five minutes. Into the village we went, and stopped for a cup of tea, kindly provided by Debbie and Mike. Very nice location. We then headed down the path going towards Bradford Abbas. I think we went off route briefly (and passed the site of a Roman Villa), but found the correct path and headed to the foot bridge over the River Yeo. We passed the Old Mill, got onto the road and ran up to the railway bridge. Back onto fields, the path followed the railway line back to the crossing and barn at Wyke. We continued back the way we came but added on an extra field. Then it was Sherborne streets back to the station. Nine miles with a lot of cross country, cool but sunny, it was good for Sunday morning. Thanks Phil, Jane M, Jane A, Louise, and Martin.


Brian’s run tonight took us up the main road for a short distance. We turned left and climbed steeply going over a hill top and past a farm. Further on we turned left again and ran down a narrow path descending gently. Our way was almost blocked by a parked quad bike, but we climbed round or over it. Loads of small blue flowers all over the place tonight. We were soon on the Liberty Trail with fields and great views. Photos were taken and we approached a small church. This was at Misterton. Up some steps, past an allotment, football field, and Tennis courts. Both games being played. A narrow path, some houses and we crossed the A3066. We were on fields again. There was a ford with a footbridge. One load of cute calves ran alongside of us. In the next field, others, possibly bullocks (slightly bigger) tried to block our progress. We ran up to Pipplepen farm and down a lane to South Perrott. We passed the church, ran along a stream, and took off again across fields with an incline. The fields took us back to Mosterton opposite the church. A short run down the main road got us back to the pub at just over six miles. It’s a big busy pub with great food. A near perfect pub run tonight in my opinion.


Marathon Mike

Coastal Delaware Running Festival

The Festival is held in Dewey Beach, a small coastal town in southern Delaware located on a small strip of land about 1 mile long by 2 blocks wide, having wide sandy beaches and the Atlantic Ocean on one side, and Rehoboth bay on other. It’s a quaint holiday town with a population of about 350 in the winter but crowded with thousands on summer weekends. A bit like some of our east coast resorts except none of the homes here are on wheels. Delaware is a located in the mid-Atlantic region of the US, the second smallest of the 50 States, and divided into three counties, New Castle, Kent, and Sussex, agricultural in the south and industrial in the north. One of the 13 colonies participating in the American Revolution, it was the first to ratify the Constitution of the United States, and has since promoted itself as "The First State". The coast is dotted with old WW 2 lookout towers which have been preserved and marketed as a tourist attraction.

The Running Festival

This kicks off with a 5k and 9k on Saturday, then a marathon and a half on Sunday. This was a most pleasing course to run, going through a variety of interesting surroundings and with a mixture of good surfaces to run on. The start was in Tower Park about a mile south of Dewey Beach close to some of those historical landmarks. The temperature was an ideal 12 degrees.


 We ran north into the town following the main street past the restaurants and beach shops.   


Then on to the next small town, Rehoboth Beach where at mile 3 we hit the boardwalk, a mile-long wooden construction with views of the Ocean and the aroma of coffee and bacon swirling around in the breeze. There were a few moving chicanes to negotiate, those weight-maintainers on their morning waddle to the sausage and pancake house, but otherwise, the boards were quite deserted.

Afterwards, a mile on a small open road brought us to Cape Henlopen State Park, a wildlife area popular with bird-watchers, where the next 7 miles were on wide good-quality trials of either asphalt or crushed stone.


The early sections included 2 miles around the edge of Gordon’s Pond with views across the water and large areas of tall brown sedge grasses and sea oats, thence onto a half-mile long elevated boardwalk across a marsh.   


This led into a pine forest and onto a beautiful tree covered trail which contained the only hills on the marathon, 3 short sharp climbs of no more than 40 or 50 feet of elevation gain. The forest eventually opened out into a salt marsh where there were two bridge crossings with views across the grasslands.

          Miles 13 to 16 meander through the streets of a modern upmarket neighbourhood and then we were on to the Junction & Breakwater Trail for 3 miles, a section of the former Penn Central railroad for approximately three miles, a crushed stone surface through mature hardwood forests and open fields.               

The last 7 miles passed through the quaint seashore residential area of Lewes, Rehoboth and Dewey Beach finishing at the lighthouse on the beach and the after-race party with oodles of food, beer and music.  Another heavy medal to add to the collection:


Good organisation, one of the most enjoyable marathons I’ve done, a nice size field with 615 finishers, an age group win albeit in not a very good time. Performance expectations were better, especially since I got my weight back down to the time before a certain YTRRC member introduced me to Eton Mess and treacle sponge.

Of course the race weekend couldn’t be complete without a bit of history, so we visited central Philadelphia the day after and took a city tour on an old open top London bus. Walked around some of the cobble-stoned streets among the old colonial buildings, very English to look at, and on to Independence Hall where the declaration was signed.


From Pete:

Today was part of Magdalena''s "marathon training", well the start anyway.  She has only just received her place via the school her children go to.  Seems the staff weren't motivated/able to take part in the Yeovil Marathon.

So from Goldenstones after a quick chat with Lynne and Frances who were off to do their own thing we headed up Hendford Hill, left onto Sandhurst Road, through to North Coker, past Goose Slade Farm and down to the A37.
Once safely across we made our way to Ryme Intrinseca and Yetminster, then left onto Thornford Road and onto Thornford, left at the junction and onto Clifton Maybank and on down to Stoford.
We then went through Barwick and popped out by the Red House, after that, a run up Dorchester Road before slipping down Lovers Lane and exiting halfway down Hendford and finishing back at Goldenstones.  A very pleasant 12 miles with a sprinkling of hills.

Released On 7th May 2017

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