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Welcome to Yeovil Town Road Running Club
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If you'd like to have your event included in our calendar please email details to


List of 2015-2016 Members

Club hosted and assisted events
Great Western 10k - 12th March 2017
Summer 5k series  April to September 2017
Members' 5k handicap series  April to September
Easter Bunny - Easter Monday 17th April
Ash Town Tree Trail Race - 24th May
Ninesprings 10k - Postponed
Yeovil Marathon - 11 June 2017
Ash Excellent 8 and Fearsome 5 - 10th Sept 2017
Yeovil Santa Run - TBC
ClubPB Details for 5k 10k 1/2 & Full Marathon
Regular club activities
Every Tuesday - 6.30 p.m. - club run.
Every Thursday - 6.30 p.m. - pub run.
Every Friday - 6.30 p.m. - track session
Every Saturday - 09:00 am - Club Run

Every Sunday - 9.00 a.m. - sociable longer runs at the pace of the slowest.
First Wednesday every month - 6.30 p.m. - committee meeting.

London Marathon

AGM is the 9th May
The next committee meeting is on Wednesday 5th April at  St John's Ambulance, 6.30 p.m.

If you think you'd like to join our road running club why not come along to get to know us first?
You'll be welcome at our club runs on Tuesday evenings, pub runs on Thursday evenings, track sessions on Friday evenings and social runs on Sunday mornings. There's no obligation and (apart from £1 for the Friday evening track sessions) no charge. If you then decide you'd like to join us complete a membership form PDF  /  Word and either send it to Adam Hawkins (address on the form) or hand it to any committee member.
We have very nearly 180 paid up members (July 2015) so there's sure to be others of your level and ability that you can run with. Recently "retired" club secretary, Martin Chaffey, said "What's so good about our club is that at local races we put out such a high number of entries that reflect all levels of ability. We have members competing at the front, with some of the very best road and cross country runners, and spread throughout the field, right down to the tail enders. All these runners are achieving their own goals and receive the full support of the club."

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Ash Races
Excellent 8 Full |  Fearsome 5

Easter Bunny 10k 2016

 Full Results | Fun Run Lap 1 |Fun Run Lap 2

Great Western 2017

10k Results  |  2k Results

Yeovil Half 2016
Full Results

5 k Summer Series
Full Results  |  Fun Run  

NDVM 2016

If you haven't paid your 2016/17 membership subscription yet please do so. For a membership form click here.

5k Training Schedule
Click here for the 12 week training schedule to improve your 5k times.
You can find the 5k time trial "before and after" times
Some of the members of the Yeovil Town Road Running Club (YTRRC) have set up a Facebook Group.
Whilst the officers and committee of the YTRRC are fully supportive of this group it should be noted that any views expressed by members of the group are their personal views and do not necessarily reflect those of any officer, the committee or the YTRRC members more generally.

All runners please note: Parts of the routes of many of the YTRRC races – and some club night routes – are on private land over which there is no public right of way and for which the organisers are grateful for the kind permission of the landowners concerned. It is often difficult to distinguish these parts of the routes as they are over well used tracks, trails and cattle or sheep paths. If runners wish to use these routes for recce or training purposes they should ensure that they will not be straying from public rights of way or, if they wish to do so, first obtain the consent of the landowner(s). Please note that as well as extending to the landowners the common courtesy of obtaining their permission this is a matter of personal safety. Further details of the parts of routes not on public rights of way and contact details for the landowners can be obtained from the relevant race director, available from the event page – see links at top of this page.

What holds people back from joining a running club?

What are they missing out on by remaining "unattached"? By going it alone?

Whether running purely for fun, for fitness or weight loss reasons or with some other objective, such as running a marathon, a running club can help in so many ways. You'll find it helps you keep up your enthusiasm and there is always someone around to talk to if you have running related problems. There's also that huge benefit of "feeling part of something" at running events and races.

So, what does the Yeovil Town Road Running Club have to offer?

Well, for a start we have club runs each Tuesday evening. These runs are led by experienced runners and there are distance and pace options to suit all.

There's a Beginner and Slower Runner Group at the Tuesday evening club runs to ease in those who don't feel confident or fit enough to join the main runs. There are also dedicated Beginner and Slower Runner Group longer runs each Sunday morning, speed training sessions on alternate Friday evenings  and designated races throughout the year. Also Saturday Mornings.

Shortly after joining the club new member Sue Whaites said: "I have been to a couple of Tuesday runs so far and the atmosphere and friendship in the club is really great. It is such a change to find a road running club that is not elitist and genuinely encourages everyone to enjoy their running, at whatever level they are."

On a Thursday evenings we hold pub runs, starting and finishing at various pubs in the area and many runners stay on for a meal afterwards. These are run as a social group, at the pace of the slowest, so suitable for all!

There are speed training sessions held at the Yeovil Athletic Arena every Friday evening. Several members of the club take part regularly and agree that the sessions are key to attaining improved race times. One of the main reasons that they are so successful is because they are suitable for all ages and abilities and with somewhat of a "mixed bag" at most sessions there is a real feeling of camaraderie and team spirit. The sessions are open to all, with a (very) small charge to non-members.


The club draws up an annual schedule of championship races spread throughout the year with distances from 5 kilometers to half marathon (members are allowed to select their own marathon if they want to do one!). The club champions,  man and lady, are based on the best eight results in the championship races and there is a "points king" and "points queen" for the man and lady accumulating most points in all of the eligible races.

What else?

The Slam hat is awarded to those that run a 5 k, 5 m, 10 k, 10 m and half marathon. There's also the "Grand Slam Hat" awarded to members completing a race at "all the distances" - that's 5 kilometers, 10 kilometers, 10 miles, half marathon and marathon, - in a year, between the annual dinner/presentation nights held early in December. For 2011 there's also the "Super Slam Hat" which includes all of the "Grand Slam" Hat distances plus an ultra race. For the full list of hats and what is needed click here.

A trip to Argentan, in France, the first weekend in October for their half marathon, seems to have become an annual event.

And on top of all that there's a social events programme too!

With all this how can you not join us? The current subscription rates are only £35 for the first year, which includes a club vest and membership of England Athletics, and £30 annually thereafter. E-mail Adam Hawkins for more information or complete a membership form and send to Adam Hawkins. Or why not come along to a few Tuesday evening club runs to get to know us first?