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Easter Bunny 10k
Yeovil Town RRC

The Easter Bunny returns

Easter Monday - 17th April 2017 at 11:00 a.m.
Sponsored by Run Breeze

Enter on Line here   Click here to see who has entered

Also Junior Fun Run at 10:30 am



The Nuffield Bar
RNAS Yeovilton
BA22 8HW
(opposite the Fleet Air Arm Museum off of A303)


This race traditionally takes place on Easter Monday and consists of a flat course around the villages of West Camel and Podimore.

Ideal for both a PB and the first time racer!
Pace makers for 45 minutes and 60 minutes.

Wheelchair friendly.

Parking at venue; limited changing and shower facilities; there are no specific storage facilities for competitors’ baggage.

£100 each for first male and first female
Roll over from 2014 - additional £200 if under 30 minutes/34 minutes for male and female respectively.

Awards in the usual junior, senior and veterans categories, male and female teams (first 4 to count for each) and wheelchairs (male and female).

Bespoke Medal for all Easter Bunny 10k finishers

Entry Fees: £15.00 EA Affiliated / £17.00 Unaffiliated
Fun Run entry fee - £3.00 all entrants;


Race Venue Directions | Weather for Yeovilton | Runners World Ratings | Email race director | Photos of Route
Video of 2012 race  | Map of Race

Course records:

Junior female Charlotte Baker 00:39:29 06/4/2015
Senior female Maddie Horton 00:34:52 12/04/2004
V35 female Lucy Owen 00:37:27 01/04/2002
V45 female Jill Harrison 00:38:00 05/04/2010
V55 female Jill Harrison 00:42:20 06/4/2015
Wheelchair female - - -
Junior male Benedict Westhenry 00:31:56 01/04/2013
Senior male Ben Tickner 00:30:02 25/04/2012
V40 male Gordon Seward 00:31:59 05/04/1998
V50 male Ashed Amraoui 00:32:09 24/04/2000
V60 male John Shapland 00:36:36 21/04/2014
Wheelchair male Daniel Cook 00:31:50 25/04/2011


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Past winners:
  Male Female
2012 Kevin Heywood Lucy Richens
2011 Ben Tickner Cassie Thorp
2010 Steve Way Debbie Marsden
2009 Frank Tickner Sarah Unwin-Mann
2008 Adrian Marriott Eloise Pitwood
2007 Michael Johnson Eloise Pitwood
2006 Ashley Humphreys Rachel Townend
2005 Martin Cox Eloise Pitwood
2004 Simon Anderson Maddie Horton
2003 Stuart Hall Helen Purdy
2002 Barry Reynolds Lucy Owen
2001 Race abandoned Race abandoned
2000 Simon Anderson Jill Harrison
1999 Stuart Hall Michelle Birdsall
1998 Adrian Marriott Ann Taswell
1997 Martin Cox Mel Bradley
1996 Martin Yelling Mel Bradley